2011 Conference Presentations

Wednesday, September 28

Setting up a Snow Plow Operator Training (SPOT)
Presented By: Bret Hodne, City of West Des Moines, IA

SPOT was originally developed by the Minnesota DOT as a two week Snow Plow Operator Training (SPOT) program at Camp Ripley. After sending a couple operators to the event, the City of West Des Moines was so impressed with the program that the next year they sent back the operators for the “Train-the-Trainer” week- long session. The program has developed into a two day session with both classroom and hands-on training. Cities and counties who participate are encouraged to bring their own trucks and a trainer if possible. This fall the program will be rolled out to other areas of the state. Bret Hodne with the City of West Des Moines, Iowa will discuss how they got started and how you can too.

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Heated Streets and Sidewalks - Is It a Solution For You?
Presented By: Greg Hall, Town of Vail, CO and Hunt Walker, Town of Snowmass, CO

The Town of Vail, Colorado has over 275,000 square feet of roadways and plazas snowmelted. The majority of this area is pedestrian zones in commercial centers. In addition, they have a section of their major bus route heated. Their snowmelt was installed in part, for guest experience enhancements related to a major streetscape project, to provide ease of snow and ice removal, safety of walking surface, and ability to remove snow in tight areas with many pedestrians. The Town of Snowmass, Colorado heats a section of Carriageway Road in the Town’s central commercial core ranging in grades from 14-18%. This presentation will cover pros and cons of snow- melt, including operations and maintenance issues, as well as the criteria and reasoning for each community’s system.

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Meteorologists On Your Team - Weather Prediction Service
Presented By: Timothy Tonge and Brad Simmons - Skyview Weather

Skyview is a private weather forecast service that provides highly localized weather information and services to individual clients. Skyview Weather provides a tailored forecast with clients in mind. A snow removal service answers questions such as: What time will it begin snowing? Where will it accumulate? Will one area of the city receive more snow than another? Meteorologists present how they are part of your team for determining your approach to tackling the storm.

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Salt Brine Operations - The Saga Continues
Presented By: Larry Schneider, City of Fort Collins, CO; Brett Hodne, West Des Moines, IA

Larry Schneider will talk about Fort Collins’ brine making operation that was used for the 2010-2011 winter season. Learn about how salt brine was used for anti-icing and deicing operations. He will discuss costs, effectiveness and challenges associated with brine operation. What is the future of brines and equipment to produce brines? Brett Hodne will talk about a fully automated brine making operation that the City of West Des Moines has installed. Don’t miss this opportunity to see new ways to save money and provide excellent service for your community with the use of salt brine.

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Making Sense of It All - Applying Data To Your Approach
Presented By: Dr. Wilfred Nixon - University of Iowa

In the new world of computerized discharge controls, decision-making software, road and weather information systems, automated treatment systems, and automatic vehicle location systems, there can be information overload. Let Dr. Wilfred Nixon show you how to take all of this information and apply it to your snow and ice operations game plan. Come find out what technology is right for your organization’s informational needs.

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TowPlows - We’ve Tried Them and Love Them
Presented By: Steven McCarthy, Utah Department of Transportation

AASHTO’s Technology Implementation Group (TIG) Lead States Team includes DOT representatives with TowPlow experience who can help implement the use of this technology in your agency. Come let Steve McCarthy with Utah DOT share the TIG’s experience with the TowPlow as a timesaving, safe addition to conventional snow plowing trucks.

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Thursday, September 29

Weather Patterns And Application Rates
Presented By: Russell Alger, Institute for Snow Research - Michigan Technological University

Russ Alger is the Chief Scientist for the ISR, and has been involved in winter related research for over 25 years. Supported by is research in both field and lab tests, he will present his findings on the proper deicer application rates for varying weather patterns.

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A Healthier - Happier You
Presented By: Dr. Jerod Dawson

Are genetics the reason for you being unhealthy? Is your lack of health stealing your future wealth? Are the decisions you make today going to determine wether you age gracefully or miserably? These common questions enter all our minds through life. Let’s get to the truth and discover the simple proactive steps to embracing a Healthier, Happier, more fulfilling life.

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Friday, September 30

Emergency! Local Declaration Process – Don’t be Left Out in the Cold
Presented By: Marilyn Gally, Colorado Division of Emergency Management

A local government may declare a local disaster or an emergency which activates response and recovery of all applicable local and inter-jurisdictional disaster emergency plans. Timely, accurate information is critical before, during and after an emergency. Come learn from Marilyn Gally, the Chief of Mitigation and Recovery Operations/State Hazards Mitigation and Public Assistance Officer what you need to know when a snow emergency is upon you. Ensure that you know the procedures to take to set your community up for the Colorado Disaster Declaration Process. Don’t be left out in the cold when disaster strikes!

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SafeLane Pavement Overlays
Presented By: Russell Alger, Institute for Snow Research - Michigan Technological University; Steven Pineiro, CDOT; John Elshof, CDOT

Russ Alger is the Chief Scientist for the ISR, and inventor of a blend of epoxy and aggregate that is applied on top of the road surface. It soaks up the deicing chemical spread by road crews and slowly releases the chemical to prevent frost and keeps freezing rain and snow from sticking to the roadway. Currently applied to several test locations, including Wisconsin’s icy Wolf River Bridge. Russ continues to tweak his invention including research on what chemicals work best.

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CDL Regulations and Requirements
Presented By: Steve Monson, CDL Program Manager - Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles

Keeping current on the regulations associated with holding a Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) is a fundamental responsibility of equipment operators. Steve Monson with the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles will provide an update on what has changed, what will change, and what may be coming on the horizon. Discussion will include recent changes in the CDL/DOT medical card requirement.

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