2010 Conference Presentations

Tuesday, September 22

Exploring the Technology Toolbox for Snow Management
Presented By: Stan Welsch, City of Fort Collins, CO

With a variety of tools at your fingertips, managers have multiple ways to manage snow operations. This presentation will demonstrate how agencies can use an integrated system of technology including AVL, GIS and Cityworks for tracking equipment, budgeting, material usage and enhanced performance management.

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Standing in the Snow Spotlight
Presented By: Mindy Crane, Colorado Department of Transportation

When a snow emergency is declared, will you be prepared to stand in front of the media spotlight? You don’t have to be a media expert to learn how to effectively communicate with the media. Stacey Stegman, Public Relations Director for CDOT, will share the tips of the trade that every public works manager needs to know, especially during an emergency.

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Reduce Training Costs by Developing In-House Programs
Presented By: Mark Payne, Amaro Montemayor, City of Colorado Springs, CO

A successful training/certification program reduces liability, extends the life of our aging equipment, teaches employees to be safer operators and increases productivity by reducing unnecessary downtime. Learn the steps Colorado Springs used to develop a professional equipment training program with minimal costs. This program is designed to incorporate the knowledge of skilled employees who will teach interactive classes that promote discussions regarding the safe operation of equipment.

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Particulate Matter (PM) Refresher and the Future of PM Regulations
Presented By: Gerald Dilley, Regional Air Quality Council

This presentation will address the future of PM2.5 regulation and its possible impact on the Public Works industry. In this session, Jerry Dilley with the Regional Air Quality Council will provide a brief review of current PM2.5 and PM10 National Ambient Air Quality Standards and an analysis of potential future regulations using recent law suits as an indicator of the nationwide trend.

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Bike Lane and Sidewalk Snow Removal
Presented By: Laird Thornton, Greenwood Village, CO and Steve Varnell, City of Fort Collins, CO

Providing snow removal services for a multi-modal transportation system is becoming more of the norm in the winter maintenance industry. This presentation will focus on the other side of snow removal: bike lanes and sidewalks and how two agencies’ plans and policies guide strategic snow removal operations for these important right-of-way areas.

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Packing a Punch for Snow PR Campaigns
Presented By: Mindy Crane, Colorado Department of Transportation; Christine Downs, Denver Public Works, CO and Holli Keyser, City of Fort Collins, CO

When budgets are tight the scrutiny of the public is enhanced, particularly during snow operations. Three agencies from a mid-size to large city as well as the state level will demonstrate successful public outreach tactics used for snow removal programs.

City of Ft. Collins, CO Presentation (PowerPoint)
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Wednesday, September 23

"No Yelling - The Nine Secrets of Marine Corps Leadership You MUST Know To Win In Business"
Presented By: Wally Adamchik, Firestarter Speaking and Consulting

US Marines are known and respected the world over for their leadership ability. How do they do it? What do they know that enables them to be such successful leaders on active duty and then in the civilian sector? As an Officer of Marines, Wally Adamchik deployed throughout the world in training, peace-keeping and combat operations - first, in a tank battalion and then as a pilot of AH-1W Super Cobra attack helicopters. This invigorating opening session will reveal the nine essential behaviors that make up the foundation of leadership.

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On Top of the World: Snow Removal at Pikes Peak
Presented By: Jack Glavan, Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain

Pikes Peak is one of the most visited mountains in the United States. The highway is approximately 20 miles in length and is operated by an enterprise of the City of Colorado Springs: Pikes Peak-America’s Mountain. This presentation will briefly discuss the history of Pikes Peak, current operations and the challenges involved with "plowing to the Summit."

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De-icing Material Alternatives: Organics and Liquids
Presented By: Mark DeVries, McHenry County Division of Transportation, IL and Bret Hodne, City of West Des Moines, IA

In today’s vast market of de-icing materials, how does a public works professional decide which product to use? Mark DeVries with McHenry County Division of Transportation will provide an overview of selecting and using innovative de-icing materials with the consideration of cost, productivity and the environment. Specific points of discussion will include the use of sugar beet, sugar cane, corn syrup, and other de-icing liquids.

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Digging Deep into Plow Bit Philosophy
Presented By: Jeff Tatkenhorst, Colorado Department of Transportation

Get an insider’s view of a revolutionary new method of high speed snow removal using rubber plow blades. This session will discuss how this new method increases the wear life of plow blades and improves the longevity of highway striping and preservation of chip seals.

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Data-Driven Snow Operations
Presented By: Monty Sedlak, Arapahoe County, CO

Data driven snow operations is the process of tailoring services to the needs of the community through evaluation of computer aided information. These systems are readily available, and need not be overly complex. This session will discuss the goal of data driven snow operations to use historic and real time information in the critical application of snow removal services.

Presentation (PowerPoint)
Supporting PDF Materials: CitiStat Report, City of Chicago AVL, Data Driven Policy Report, Double Loop, Oakland A's Data Driven Management, Salt Institute

Thursday, September 24

"From Bell Bottoms to Khakis: Managing the Generation Mix"
Presented By: Dr. Audrey Nelson, Nelson Communication

Dr. Audrey Nelson will detail with a little humor and humility the primary four-generation mixes that compose the workforce: Silent, Baby-boomer, Generation X and Generation Y. Learn their key characteristics, what matters to them and how to work with them. Dr. Nelson is an internationally recognized trainer, key-note speaker and consultant. She specializes in gender communication, conflict management, dealing with difficult people, communication skills and sexual harassment discrimination.

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Supporting Workbook (PDF)

City of Centennial Follow-Up: Contracting Snow Removal
Presented By: Dave Zelenok, City of Centennial, CO

Outsourcing public works to a private sector contractor is one of the most hotly-debated issues facing public works directors and elected officials. Come to this session to learn about how an entire public works department – including snow removal - can be outsourced in a major metropolitan community – Centennial, Colorado (pop. 110,000).

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Preparing the Right Plans for the Right Scenario
Presented By: Chris Carnahan, City of Aurora, CO and Laird Thornton, City of Greenwood Village, CO

There is more to snow operations than plowing and de-icing streets during an emergency. In this discussion, public agencies will share the importance of developing specific snow plans, call-out procedures and staffing levels.

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Sanders and Liquid Trucks: Calibration 101
Presented By: Steve Wilcox, Component Technology and Clark Anderson, Force America

This interactive discussion for operators and technicians will demonstrate the how’s and why’s of properly calibrating granular and liquid spreader systems to achieve ‘best practices’ results in order to maximize productivity and reduce costs. System dynamics, hydraulics, feed back sensors and common problems will be discussed.

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Ouch! That Hurts! Dealing with Difficult People
Presented By: Dr. Audrey Nelson, Nelson Communication

You may call them “inhuman resources.” They are difficult people. Dealing with them is a challenge and often leads to feelings of hopelessness and frustration. This presentation provides methods for disarming games and contentious tactics including manipulation, blame, sabotage and bullying.

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Supporting Workbook (PDF)

Don’t Cry for Argentina, the Road Looks Clear Ahead
Presented By: Bret Hodne, City of West Des Moines, IA and Mark DeVries, McHenry County Division of Transportation, IL

In 2000 Argentina and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) began work to improve Argentina’s snow and ice operations at Argentina’s request. Argentina fell into horrible economic times and progress slowed. Recently the program has moved ahead and last year 20 members from Argentina toured the U.S. to gather ideas from agencies, including Colorado. This year, several industry experts including Bret Hodne and Mark DeVries visited Argentina to evaluate how the plan is working. This session will share information on where the program was, where it is today and also describe how DeVries and Hodne interacted with their hosts in Argentina.

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Constructing and Operating Canada’s Largest Ice Road
Presented By: Alan Fitzgerald, Nuna Logistics, Ltd.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the trials and tribulations of real ice truckers. Alan Fitzgerald with Nuna Logistics Ltd. highlights the Tibbitt to Contwoyto winter road project and provides an insider’s view on how his team mitigates risks associated with operating on ice.

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