2008 Conference Presentations


Studies on the Environmental Effects of Deicing Chemicals
Presented By: Dr. William Lewis, University of Colorado

This presentation describes the environmental effects of commonly used deicing mixtures, with emphasis on the Rocky Mountain West. Points of special interest include potential for impairment of water quality in montane environments and differences among deicers with respect to environmental risk.

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Changing Hats... From Snow Removal to Disaster Response
Presented By: Mike Gavin, City of Fort Collins Office of Emergency Management, CO; Kevin Kuretich Colorado Division of Emergency Management, and Tim McSherry, ICS Team Jefferson County, CO

When a tornado slammed into the town of Windsor, CO, destroying homes, businesses and other property, agencies around the region rallied to assist with the clean-up efforts. Many of those who helped were public works crews. Officials intimate with the disaster will discuss key elements of a coordinated approach to disaster response efforts.

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Get in the Green: Tips to Reduce Fuel and Energy Costs at Home and Work
Presented By: Natalia Swalnick, American Lung Association of Colorado

Green is the buzz word these days, but how can you realistically practice green strategies? This presentation covers daily habits and tips to reduce fuel and energy costs at work and at home.

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Plow Residential Streets and Save Money Using Non-traditional Techniques
Presented By: Mick Mercer, City of Loveland, CO

Like most of the larger cities in Colorado, the City of Loveland does not routinely plow residential streets except during the heavier snow events. In these fairly rare instances, heavy equipment contractors have been hired - at great expense. Following the lead of several mid-west and east coast cities, Loveland is exploring the possibility of mounting snowplows onto its existing fleet of trash trucks to significantly increase its in-house snow plowing fleet. These trash trucks – and their regular operators – could clear the residential streets at the same time that the snow removal crews clear arterial and collector streets. The intended result?: Better service, lower cost.

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Responding and Dispatching Techniques for Service Requests
Presented By: Kami Johle, Town of Breckenridge, CO; Holli Keyser, City of Fort Collins, CO, and Rob Haines, Colorado Department of Transportation

The phones are ringing off the hook and the callers on the other end are demanding a response to their requests. How does your agency handle requests during snow and ice operations? Three agencies talk about their procedures.

Breckenridge Presentation (PowerPoint)
Fort Collins Presentation (PowerPoint)
Colorado Department of Transportation (PowerPoint)

Suck in that Gut: A Systematic Approach to Hiring
Presented By: Greg Churchman, Churchman Consulting Solutions

Many employers interview and select prospective employees based on gut feeling. This selection process may work on occasion, but it’s bound to result in poor choices. Delivered in this session is a "data" based and systematic approach to increase your skill to hire the right people the first time and keep them.

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Outsourcing Snow and Public Works Operations
Presented By: Dave Zelenok, City of Centennial, CO and Ron Morin, Denver International Airport

There can be numerous advantages and disadvantages to outsourcing snow and public works operations. The City of Centennial, CO outsourced its entire public works including streets, utilities, and fleet operations six years ago. In comparison, Denver International Airport outsources some operations while some are kept-in house. Both agencies address their strategies and cover specific airport operations needs.

Presentation, City of Centennial (PDF)
Presentation, Denver International Airport (PowerPoint)

Deicing Materials 101: Educating the Politician
Presented By: Larry Schneider and Carol Webb, City of Fort Collins, CO

Is it safe? Why do you use it? How do you use it? Does it cause environmental damage? After fielding and responding to numerous deicing material requests and inquiries from city council, it was clear there needed to be a concise go-to resource to answer these frequent, yet in-depth questions. Larry Schneider, Streets Superintendent and Carol Webb, Regulatory and Government Affairs Manager, share how they teamed up to create an understandable report for city council about deicing chemicals used for snow and ice operations.

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Session I: Sensible Use of Deicing Products
Presented By: Dick Hanneman, Salt Institute

Perform winter maintenance operations by applying the right amount of the right deicing material at the right time in the right location. The Salt Institute invented the catchphrase "Sensible Salting" 40 years ago to describe how to avoid using excessive amounts of the product its companies sell. Institute president Dick Hanneman shares the rationale and techniques of Sensible Salting and presents a new tool developed for the Transportation Research Board to help snow fighters determine, objectively, which deicer (among 42 options) is right for them, incorporating their own weighting for cost, effectiveness and impacts on infrastructure and the environment.

Presentation (PowerPoint)

Public Outreach and Outcome of Residential Snow Plowing in Denver
Presented By: Kelly Duffy, City Of Denver, CO

All eyes were on the City and County of Denver as they embarked on newly developed residential snow plowing program. Kelly Duffy, Director of Street Maintenance, discusses the challenges and lessons learned plowing residential streets in an urban area.

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Severe Winter Weather Impacts on Urban Pavements
Presented By: Pat Kennedy and Angie Hager, City and County of Denver Public Works, CO

During the 2006/2007 winter, Denver experienced an unusual set of storms resulting in significant deterioration of the roadway network. Denver’s Pavement Management System contained pre-winter Pavement Condition Indices (PCI) for the street network. Deterioration to the network was significantly greater than predicted by the Pavement Management System (PMS) models. This session gives an overview of how the City of Denver devised a visual rating system in order to rate 650 miles of roadway in a two-week time period.

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Passport to European Snow Operations and Plans
Presented By: Bret Hodne, City of West Des Moines, IA and Mark DeVries, McHenry County Division of Transportation, IL

Schnee, Sneeuw, Neve, Chexok, Snow - It’s the same result in any language. However, the techniques for battling snow and ice throughout the world can be very different, depending on the country. Bret Hodne and Mark DeVries share a snap shot view of their trip to Europe and how Europeans approach snow and ice control.

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Winter of 2008 - What A Whopper!
Presented By: Bret Hodne, City of West Des Moines, IA and Mark DeVries, McHenry County Division of Transportation, IL

Winter of 2008 provided many agencies in the Midwestern section of our country with record snowfall amounts and the opportunity to learn some new lessons about winter maintenance. This session covers areas such as extreme plowing situations, deicing with liquids, salt shortage issues and some of the innovative new equipment and practices that were utilized to battle good old "Mother Nature".

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