Skid Steer Roadeo Course

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Skid Steer Course Video

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General Rules:

  • Points will be deduced for interference with any cone or moldboard
  • Operators must be familiar with proper operation of Skid Steers. Operator will have a choice of Joystick (SJC)s, ACS, or hand/foot controls at the beginning of the course
  • Positioning of the attachments (hydraulic blade and bucket) and machine must be placed between visible lines on the ground
  • Final Scores will be based on highest points and fastest time.
  • 5 minute time limit. Operators will be disqualified at 5 minutes.


Objective: Time starts when machine leaves staging area. Operator is required to pick up the hydraulic snow blade, install hydraulic couplers/electrical, and verify pins are properly locked in. Then proceed through the slalom course. Operator will be required to change the angle of the snow blade, in order to “squeeze” through the cone barriers. Operator must then turn around and return through the slalom course before returning the snow blade to its starting position (off of the machine).


Objective: Operator is required to pick up the bucket, verify pins are locked in, and proceed to the simulated parking T. Operator must enter the T moving forward, enter the “parking space” on either the immediate right or left section of the T, pull all the way into the “space”, then reverse into the cross parking space and out of the T, and finally reverse into the bottom section of the T. When reversing into this simulated “parking space”, operator’s bucket cutting edge must completely clear the front 2 cones directly in front of them in this “parking space”, or points will be deducted. Points will also be deducted for hitting cones or barriers.

Obstacle #3 – BOWLING

Objective: Operator is required to pick up the bowling ball from its resting point (on top of the cone) with the machine bucket. (Operator is allowed to hit this cone). Then proceed to hit the bowling pins with the bowling ball. Operator is allowed to get a running start from specified area. Operator must release the ball without crossing the painted line in front of the pins. Operator can only attempt to hit the pins with the ball 1 time. Also, if operator does not get the bowling ball in his bucket on the first attempt, staff will re-setup the bowling ball. Operator will have to keep trying until the ball is picked up with the bucket.

Obstacle #4 – TIRE STAND

Objective: Operator is required to pick up the tire and stand it straight up horizontally.

Obstacle #5 – STOP LINE

Objective: Operator is required to return the bucket to its starting position (off of the machine), and place the machine back the stop line as close to the line as possible.

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